Montpelier, VT

    2005—AIA Vermont Excellence in Architecture – Citation Award
    Photographer: Jim Wesphalen

This project was the development of a new 30,000 sq ft office building in Montpelier’s riverfront redevelopment zone, a place that was once dominated by railroad related manufacturing and granite finishing sheds. The narrow site is sandwiched between an existing railroad track and access to the north and the Winooski River to the south.
The exterior material of the street façade is corrugated galvanized steel with regular punched openings responding to its north orientation and context. In contrast, the south façade, bordering the river, is more casual with glass and naturally weathering wood that address the need to maximize views and thermal gain.

The unique and flexible office/business space has a broad material palette (many of which are recycled) left in-the-raw to weather naturally. In addition, abundant daylight and chimney-effect ventilation are integrated into the design to maximize energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.