Highgate, VT

In conjunction with the Town of Highgate, we completed a feasibility study to determine the next steps for designing and constructing a new Library and Community Center. The current building is not set up to support the many community programs the library would like to host, nor does it have sufficient space to hold the collections and the number of patrons frequently present. There are pros and cons to its current location, as it is set downtown and is easy for residents to reach, but is also adjacent to a gas station that makes walking to and from the entrance less than ideal.

The library is a beloved part of the Highgate community, and is used as the main public internet resource, as well as temporary office space for visiting nurses and other local businesses, and a location for supervised family visits. They also host programs such as story time, summer gardening, STEAM classes, after school programs, and many others. The incredible staff is constantly looking for more and better ways to serve their community, but are finding themselves hindered by the size and layout of the current building.

At the end of 2017, we completed our study, which provided the Town with a thorough analysis of the current space, the possibility of renovating the existing building, the pros and cons of potential sites for relocation, our recommended solution, and a design concept.