The communities where we live and work are our inspiration.  Our daily interactions and working collaborations continuously refine our thoughts on architecture and place making.

Our Values

Social Responsiblity
Our designs and business practices represent our values concerning economic, social, and environmental issues, and that the built environment should enhance the greater community.

Designing Sustainably
Our practice explores design, construction systems, and sustainable strategies to best address the immediate and future needs of each project.  We are continually refining both design and building methods to align with current building science as a way to minimize each project’s environmental footprint.  We work within our clients’ means to design, detail, and build in a sustainable way.  Our studio is a part of the AIA 2030 Commitment, which tracks the firm’s progress in designing for energy efficiency and carbon neutrality by the year 2030.  We have designed numerous LEED and net-zero ready buildings, and we are Passive House certified.

Creating Community
We design buildings that contribute to their communities.  Our projects are structured to encourage people to interact with each other and their natural surroundings.  The architecture of the spaces we inhabit affects our perception of our lived experiences, and we at gbA strive to ensure that our projects will promote healthy, collaborative experiences that bring communities together.  This community focused approach to design ensures that each building is uniquely tailored to the people who will be experiencing and utilizing it.

Architecture is, in part, the art of collaboration.  We engage our clients and building users as critical participants in a productive dialogue through all phases of a project.  It is this essential exchange that allows us to create buildings, interiors and other constructed spaces that both meet the specific needs of our clients and are a joy to inhabit.

Our History

gbA Architecture (originally Gossens Bachman Architects) was founded over 30 years ago with these three goals in mind:

  1. To provide design excellence no matter the size of the project
  2. To provide high quality client service
  3. To create a design studio that is both efficient and profitable.     

We are led by four talented partners, who each bring depth to the original mission through their own experiences.  Our goals have expanded over the years to not only provide design excellence and high quality client service for each and every project, but also to create socially and environmentally responsible buildings that are a joy to inhabit and that engage the community.  

The numerous design awards our studio has received in the past and continues to receive for both design excellence and sustainability is a testament that we continue to evolve but the original objectives remain.