We believe in community focused architecture.

Community spaces are opportunities where people can come together to bond over shared experiences despite any differences, and where they can also find places for individual reflectionPublic places are highly scalable.  They can be as small as a public bench, fountain, or entry area or as large as a community library, park, museum, or arts center.  All community spaces should be inviting, inspirational, and equitable.   

At a time when the social economic divide increases yearly, and high tech allows us to shift socially into the realm of virtual reality, the communities where we gather have an even greater importance in society and we have an obligation to design these places well.  

We look at every project as a community focused project.  Can we create a public space in every project?  How do we create culture and social equity in every project so there are no social divisions?  Can we provide surprises and beautiful shared spaces?  These are some of the questions we continually ask.

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