With Planning, we look comprehensively at where a community, organization, or entity is today; we evaluate how it got there; and then, with much collaboration and investigation, we try to understand and determine how it needs to change in order to meet future goals.

Master Planning, updating of Master Plans, and simply growth of an entity require the evaluation of current systems and goal setting of where one wants to go.  How this information is gathered varies from project to project – programming interviews, community meetings, document review, evaluation of existing buildings and systems, quantification and qualification of existing spaces - what’s missing?  what’s underutilized?  where can improvements be made?  Each project and planning exercise is unique and will require an investigation that is tailored to the specific project. 

Our planning projects include downtown revitalization projects, brownfield redevelopment, campus planning, neighborhood development, and more.  With each planning project and building project, we strive to foster socially and environmentally responsible communities.  

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