West Burke Master Plan

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West Burke, VT

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Envisioning a Revitalized Village

The West Burke Visioning and Economic Development Strategy was spurred by the One Burke organization, who seeks to reestablish the Village of West Burke as a “vibrant, welcoming center of the community.”  gbA partnered with Fairweather Consulting to undergo the work of creating a vision for a revitalized village.  The project identified potential uses to be incorporated into the village through an economic study and an existing building and infrastructure inventory and assessment.

Public engagement events were held to facilitate stakeholder participation and the community came together to collectively vision a new future for their village:

“West Burke will be a mixed use, pedestrian friendly village center providing goods and services to area residents as well as visitors in such sectors as hospitality and dining, services, outdoor recreation, and housing to meet the needs of all residents.  The village’s physical development pattern will revive, reinforce, and build upon West Burke’s historic character while providing connections to historic features and recreation opportunities.”

The proposed development strategy includes taking on “catalytic” projects to build momentum for more investment in the village.  These projects include renovation of the library as a center for community activities, creation of a “West Burke History Trail”, and restoring the historic streetscape.