Village Core Master Plan

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Highgate, VT


An Economically and Socially Vibrant Town Center

In 2017, gbA conducted a feasibility study to analyze the potential next steps for the existing Highgate Library and Community Center.  The determination that a new building would best meet the needs of the town spurred a decision to take a broader view.  gbA was hired to help the Highgate community envision what their town center could be and create a master plan to guide development.  With a new master plan, the town of Highgate hopes to revitalize the Village Core, making it the center of community and commerce.  They aim to achieve that in the following ways:

  • Building a new library that better serves all generations, including sufficient space to accommodate the demand for programming and services, an adequate children’s area, and a multipurpose community space.
  • Including a commercial establishment that offers food with gathering space for the community.
  • Encouraging new businesses to open in the Village Core, as well as the relocation of existing businesses to the center of town.
  • Making the Village Core walkable by creating sidewalks and paths to create safe connections for pedestrians.
  • Creating small scale outdoor gathering space(s) such as a garden, gazebo, and/or bandstand.
  • Developing in a manner consistent with Highgate’s historic character.
  • Designing and situating buildings with main entrances oriented and accessible to the public streetscape and pedestrian walkways, supporting the creation of an economically and socially vibrant town center.

With these goals in mind, gbA created five design concept options (shown above) that were shared at a community meeting in the spring of 2023.  With input gathered at the meeting, gbA will develop a Village Core Master Plan to present to the Highgate community in the fall.