One Taylor Street

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Montpelier, VT


29,815 sf housing / 3,074 sf transit center

Category Sustainability Features
  • •Brownfield development

  • •On site connection to multimodal transportation and shared use path

  • •Air sealing: 0.065 CFM/sf of building surface area at 50pa.

  • •PV solar panels with excess collection powering downtown mixed income apartment building

  • •Low flow water fixtures

Energy Use Itensity

32 kBtu/ft2/yr (housing portion)

  • AIA VT Excellence in Architecture Design – Honor Award

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Multimodal Transit Center and Affordable Housing

Responsible and thoughtful development of Vermont’s downtowns is a critical need from a cultural, environmental, and resilience standpoint.  To respond to this need, the integration of mixed income urban housing that is transportation centered helps solve the urgent necessities of both economic revitalization and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

This project, located in Montpelier, consists of 30 mixed income apartment units as well as a multi-use transportation center.  Other aspects of the project include brownfield remediation, flood resilience measures, multi strategy onsite stormwater mitigation, future passenger rail station, multi use path connections, and significant public gathering spaces.  All these aspects serve to incorporate social resilience into the design.

"I appreciated the overlap between affordable housing and transportation as an attempt to resolve a problem in the city."

– Derrick McDonald, AIA Oregon Jury Member