Red Clover Commons Phase 2

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Clients Location

Brattleboro, VT


19,246 sf

Category Sustainability Features
  • •PV solar panels

  • •Low flow water fixtures

Energy Use Itensity

Baseline: 50.00
Target: 45.00
Predicted: 31.20

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Red Clover Commons Phase 2 is the culmination of a 10+ year process to provide new homes for former residents of Melrose Terrace impacted by Tropical Storm Irene.  Working once again with Brattleboro Housing Partnership and Evernorth, and after an extensive search for a suitable site in Brattleboro, Vermont, it was decided that the best location for Phase 2 was on the existing Red Clover Commons campus.

Placing the 18 new apartments of the Phase 2 building on the existing campus helped to reunite the community and allowed the two buildings to share amenities and services put in place during the initial phase.

Spacious, light filled apartments are provided for all residents, along with common gathering spaces on all three floors of the building.  A covered front porch provides a welcoming entry, an outdoor gathering space, and a connection to the rest of the Red Clover Commons campus.  Care was taken to allow the Phase 2 building to function independently while providing close proximity to the larger common areas and support spaces in the Phase 1 building.

Red Clover Commons Phase 2 is the final step in bringing a community back together and allowing the overall campus to serve as many residents as possible.