The August AIA VT newsletter includes an AIA National Strategic Council Update by gbA’s Diantha Korzun. She’s a member of the council’s carbon focused subcommittee whose work focuses on promoting climate positive architectural design and practice. Diantha also serves on the AIA National Committee for Climate Action and Design Excellence. 
Below are two excerpts from the article:

“The recent flooding in Vermont, which has uprooted businesses, families, and individuals from their homes in Cambridge (where I live) and Montpelier (where our office is), and across the rest of the state, is another stark reminder that temperatures are indeed rising and affecting our climate quickly. ……As architects, we are obligated to lead the effort to slow global climate change. You have heard this statistic before, but it is still true, the built environment creates 40% of the world’s carbon emissions.”

“Key takeaways that I hope you will consider in your own practice:
● Architects have a professional obligation to ensure that their buildings do not negatively impact communities and the environment.
● Architects have a unique position as central coordinators of integrative design practice and whole-systems thinking across disciplines to achieve positive design outcomes.
● Architects are well positioned to bring environmental sustainability considerations to building design since we are involved at the earliest stages of a project.
● Architects can guide and articulate the overarching design vision, as well as guide projects towards the most environmentally sustainable solutions.”

You can find the entire article here:

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Meet Austin Jarvis, our summer intern at gbA! He just graduated from Roger Williams University with a bachelor’s in architecture and two minors in sustainability and the history of art and architecture. In the fall he plans to pursue his master’s degree in architecture at Roger Williams, as well as a real estate certificate. He also hopes to continue his work with the Rogers Community Partnership Center: Design and Research Team where he worked with other students to assist with small community architecture projects around Rhode Island. We’re glad to have him here!
Our hearts go out to all the families and businesses affected by the flooding in Vermont this week.  @montpelieralive is coordinating flood relief efforts locally.  Please see the link in our bio if you are able to help in any way, or if you need help.  #vermontstrong #inthistogether
gbA design charrette in progress for one of our current projects. Our team has a deep commitment to a highly collaborative work style which includes all team members throughout the entire project process as well as a high level of input from our clients. 
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Our One Lakeview project in Burlington, VT received a Green Building Award for Commercial & Multi Family Construction last week from the Vermont Green Building Network. 
The award is given to "Projects demonstrating energy use intensity at least 50% below the regional average energy use for buildings of the same end use and incorporating other sustainability features." 
Photo: @ryanbentphoto
Owner/Developer: @redstone_vt 
Landscape Architect: @wagnerhodgson
Our project at the @springfieldfoodcoop in VT won the 2023 Efficiency Vermont Best of the Best Award for Best Small Renovation in the Commercial Building Design and Construction category.
From @efficiencyvt:
“The annual Efficiency Vermont Best of the Best Awards recognize innovative and integrated design approaches for energy efficiency, health, and affordability in Vermont’s commercial and residential buildings”
We've always believed that good design and sustainable design go hand in hand, and we're very pleased to announce that we're now able to certify buildings to a Passive House standard. Dan Wheeler, Architectural Designer at gbA, just completed his training to become a Certified Passive House Consultant. Dan also heads up the studio’s AIA 2030 Commitment, documenting energy performance with the intent of tracking the firm’s progress in designing for energy efficiency and carbon neutrality by the year 2030. 
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“The Nest” at 79 Pine Street in Burlington and an article about it by gbA’s Gregg Gossens are featured in the March 2023 issue of Louis Mannie Lionni’s publication, 05401. (photo credits: L. M. Lionni) 

Regarding navigating Burlington’s form-based zoning ordinance, Gregg writes: 
“As for working out the more detailed aspects of the form-based code, and there are very many specific requirements, we needed to push, pull, and sometimes rationalize our way through.  But the rationale had to be purposeful and ‘correct’ per the standards.  While the idea of a recipe sounds prescriptive, it does offer great latitude for creativity, visual interest, and engagement…But it takes effort and a willingness to push the limits.”