Artist’s House

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East Montpelier, VT


2,400 sf

Category Awards
  • AIA VT Excellence in Architecture Design Award

  • AIA VT Fifty Year Award (best buildings built in the past 50 years)

An Airy Home and Art Studio

This project involved the construction of a new 2,400 sf private residence for a painter.  Its design, with a cluster of gabled rectangles, is both simple and humble, recalling Vermont’s traditional farms and natural rolling hill landscape.

The house acts as a viewing platform, resting on natural ledge with full height windows that release the viewer to scenes of pastoral Vermont farmland and the Green Mountains.  Stone walls grow from the ledge and form the building’s foundation walls.  These walls also extend into the landscape – creating outdoor spaces like the terraced “sun pocket.”  The design uses natural, local materials to complement the existing rustic landscape.