Vermont Electric Coop Headquarters

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Johnson, VT

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New Design Reflects Coop’s Brand and Ethos

Vermont Electric Co-operative, a member owned electric distribution utility serving northern Vermont communities, was in need of a reimagined and renovated office space to adapt to an evolving work environment at their main headquarters in Johnson.  It was essential that the place reflect VEC’s brand and community focused ethos, which prioritizes cooperation, equity, and democracy.

gbA collaborated with VEC members to design spaces that would support both positive public interactions and various intra-office work experiences.  Special consideration was given to the different types of spaces that foster a productive and innovative workspace including booths for video conferencing, rooms for small and large group meetings, quiet places that allow for individual work, and areas that encourage collaboration and social connection, such as a new “sunroom” space.  Also important was creating healthy spaces that support wellbeing, and the design focused on providing daylight and views from all areas.  VEC’s brand and mission are highlighted throughout the space by unified color and materials choices, as seen in the lobby banner as well as in exterior and interior paint color and furniture choices.

The project is slated to begin in 2024.