South Royalton School

Village School Addition and Redesign Improves Site Circulation

South Royalton School is a kindergarten through 12th grade school located in a quintessential Vermont village.  The 14,000 sf addition to an existing 66,000 sf includes an entrance connecting classrooms to the new gym, fitness center, and locker rooms, lab renovations, and extensive site circulation improvements including designated bus and car drop off lanes.

The existing site originally located a large parking lot at the street with the main entry in the rear.  We felt it was critical to continue the village building fabric and placed the gymnasium at the street, where it serves as a beacon to visitors to the school.  It is at the entry point for site circulation, where cars and buses are clearly separated for safety, leading to an inviting main entrance.  Increased traffic safety was of utmost concern and a new circulation pattern was developed to bring buses into the site thru a properly designed turn around loop with drop off at the main entry.

The entry canopy follows the arc of the turn around loop and welcomes students to the school.  Generous glazing provides abundant sunlight in this new hub of activity, and off of the main entry the gallery leading to the gymnasium also provides ancillary space for events.  The gallery creates a courtyard and provides alternate circulation around the high school wing for the younger grades.

"We love our new building! It blends nicely with our existing school and is everything we hoped for, including energy efficiency, green construction, beautiful design, and landscape. They are knowledgeable, creative, and hardworking."

– Shaun P. Pickett, Principal