Anglo American School of Sofia Master Plan

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Campus Master Plan for a K-12 International School 

The Anglo-American School of Sofia is a K-12 international school located in Sofia, Bulgaria.  In 2017 our design studio worked with the school leadership team, staff, and students to develop a 10 year master plan to expand the campus.  The new master plan reflects the school’s mission, core values, and goal of continued growth.  The acquisition of additional property and the need for a new performing and visual arts center prompted the redesign of the existing 2008 masterplan.

Goals included:

  1. Create an opportunity for a pedestrian friendly and secured courtyard between the new and existing buildings.
  2. Provide a new welcome center close to parking and visible to the main entry.
  3. Create a location for the new visual and performing arts center that is front and center of the campus.
  4. Provide access to the future arts building adjacent to parking for after hours events while the rest of the building could be closed off.
  5. Maintain and accentuate access to the great views of northern and southern mountain ranges.
  6. Create a new green courtyard between the new and existing buildings for a shared outdoor educational space.

"The architect’s design, creativity, and melding of form and function is certainly being lauded - congratulations!"

– Jim Urquhart, Director, Anglo American School of Sofia